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Lesson Learned About Linq Generic Repositories


I know it’s an odd entry to come back into blogging with, but I figured I needed to share this since it took me nearly a day to figure out.  I can’t promise that I’ll get more active with my blog, but I do own this webspace and I should be making more use of it.

I’m responsible for creating our new N-Tier product framework at my job.  When I started there, the company was new to Entity Framework, having done many successful projects with classic ADO.NET providers.  I’ve had at least two projects I got to work on from scratch that made use of EF and I think I’ve finally come to a happy place in using it. Continue reading

MVC, IIRF, and the Query String


If you’re using ASP.NET MVC, you want Clean URLs.  They produce something that’s easily understandable, easily translatable, and something that helps with improving your search engine rank.  Yes, all of those may be the technical reasons why someone would want clean URLs for their project.  Personally, I like them because they just look “right”.

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Unit Testing Custom Data Annotations


Let me tell you, I’m really digging the latest version of ASP.NET MVC.  Aside from using Asynchronous controllers (which opened up a world of possibilities communicating between servers), I’ve recently stumbled on using Data Annotations in my models.  Both Brad Wilson and Phil Haack have written plenty of information to get you introduced to the concepts of using Data Annotations as a means of validation, so I’m not going to go into details on how to set all that up.  What I will tell you is that it saves tons of headache when it comes to validating input and reusing models.

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My Plans for Growling from TeamCity


I know I’ve been slacking off lately with the blog. But I intend to keep to my goal of updating it, unlike the last 14 or so attempts.

My plans for TeamCity and Growl have been slow, but steady. I’ve since done two things: Downloaded the original TeamCity Growl Notification plugin (tcGrowl) and downloaded the Java library for Growl (libgrowl).  Unfortunately, they both have two things in common:  their developers haven’t updated the code for at least half a year or more.  It really looks like both projects are developmentally dead, yet still pointed at for sample or guideline sakes.

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Whaddya Mean No Growl Support?


I may have found a quick project to work on in this lull I’m having for 3D inspiration.  Yes, I owe my devout reader(s) an update on that, but that’s a story for another time.

Recently at work, I found myself committing a build to Subversion and immediately going off on another project.  Soon after, I got an email from TeamCity telling me that the build was successful and all was well.  Not odd in and of itself.  However, I usually expect my TeamCity tray icon to notify me first.  The email notification is more or less for a running tally of commits and builds (which, as I think of it, I could probably do without; it really was just for testing that the server could send emails).  That’s when I noticed that the service wasn’t running.  So as I’m turning it back on, I remember that in, there’s the option to enable Growl notifications.  I thought I remembered seeing the same option in TeamCity, but alas, no such luck.

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